Do you know the feeling of not having any inspiration to impress your guest? imagine you have a cosy dinner at home, of a big BBQ afternoon and you want to create delicious drinks for your guests, but you don't know how. It looks like to much work because one of them does not drink alcohol, the other one likes his whiskey sour on the rock another one likes it shaken with only little bit of alcohol. Well with Nomuss there is nothing to worry about. With this one bottle stop you can create premium cocktails, mocktails or spritzes in no time. 

margarita cocktail


Whether you’re looking to make a Margarita, Mojito, Caipirinha, Pisco Sour or a visionary new cocktail, our all-natural mixer is the perfect addition to your bar. With its non-alcoholic formula, you can mix things up however you like: a mocktail by adding tonic or sparkling water, a cocktail by adding the spirit of your choice, a spritz by adding sparkling wine. Discover more ’60 seconds recipes’ on our website.

Our non-alcoholic cocktail mixers are made with the finest, hand-selected juices, pure cane sugar, agave and natural aroma’s.

The preparation is on us. Cheers to the art of ease!cocktail table

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